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Ghost Chandelier - XXLustre

Festival of light 2014, Dubai (UAE)

Dimensions : Diameter : 10 m ; Height : 10 m

Materials : Textile Stripes, Steel Structure

Light Source : LED lightbulbs and indirect lighting with LED projectors.

XXLustre is a massive chandelier that can be installed ioutdoor or indoor.

The shapes of the chandelier is revealed by the accumulation of white soft lines which are materializing details of the object.

A dynamic colored lighting is "painting" the chandelier and the white stripes become full of light as different lighting scenarios alernate. Hundreds of LED lightbulbs punctuate the curves of the shape and accentuate the majesty of the piece.

The Chandelier becomes etheral, ghostly, like a huge lighting skeleton of a giant object.

XXLustre has been showed for the First Light Festival in downtown Dubai, in partnership with ONLY Lyon for EMAAR Group. 

Dubai Mall 2014
Dubai Mall 2014
XXLustre - The Dubaï Mall
XXLustre - The Dubaï Mall