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Ola Paloma !

Nuit Blanche 2014, Amiens

Ola Paloma! is a Low-Tech interactive Installation where the public is invited to actively participate instead of relying the installation to technology.

The idea was to create a real simple "human" interactivity, to avoid the ideo of leaving the public alone with just "the machine".

In Ola Paloma, a bird's flight sequenced in stop motion is levitating above the ground. Each bird as a keyframe of an animation scene is attached on a top of a pole and each of the pole comes with a lighting switch, ready to be pushed.

The switch light the bird on as long as it is being pressed.

These « over-basic » commands of the device are made on purpose. Just the setting in circle of the birds is suggesting a lighting scenario ... . The visitors are free to invent the flight of the birds as they like, depending how they appropriate themselves the installation.

Maybe will they chose a synchronous and collective behavior to make the bird flight in a perfect loop, maybe not.

It will all depend of how they manage to communicate with each others.

Will the public manage to interact altogether to create this perfect loop ?

Will leaders be emerging from the audience to try to settle the rules ?

Or does the installation will become a chaotic flash of random lights ?