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Magnolia and Dandelyon

Printemps Haussmann 2015, Paris

For the 150 years' Birthday of the Printemps, the famous shopping center Printemps  Haussmann invited PITAYA to create an original creation in one of its windows.

The has been free to submit his project as long as it would have flowers and pink color in it.

PITAYA worked the scenogaphy in 2 parts :

- A big flower sculpture, half magnolia half plant of the mangrove swamps.

The finishing of the structure is made in pink anodization so the indirect light can shape all the complexity of the flowers' volumes.

- Five "Dandelyon" lamps which play with optical illusion. A light dandelion appears when you look to the light source trough a specific filter.

#150ansPrintemps - photo@FrancisPeyrat
#150ansPrintemps - photo@FrancisPeyrat