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Light temporary architecture - Lausanne 2017

In the Norse Mythology, the Bifröst is the light bridge between the realm of the living and the realm of gods. This "shimmering path" refers to a rainbow that could be only made of 3 colors.

These 3 colors are reinterpreted as the 3 basic colors used today, in all the RGB LED technologies :

Red, Green and Blue.

This light bridge become a temporary architecture, where the point of views are either from afar and immersive. Several dynamic light scenarios underline the volume and create hypnotic animations.

The "journey" under the light arcades become a real immersive experience, where the action of passing through the bridge become as introspective trip, a rite of passage.

BIFROST from Pitaya on Vimeo.

BIFROST from Pitaya on Vimeo.