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between the lines

light interactive installation

The installation plays with the scale by showing 10 huge stylistic fishing rods installed by the water. By night, the rods nearly disappear, leaving just long lines of light hanging softly in Mid-air into the sea.
The lines slightly move with the wind in a peaceful atmosphere and depending on the point of view, the experience will be totally different:
- From afar, the lines from the rods become abstract lines of with flux of lights coming from the water and rising in the sky in a contemplative experience.
- When the public is close to the rods, public can interact with each of the fishing lines by turning a wheel as if they were “fishing’ energy and light” from the water.

This dichotomy of experiences is the main concept in «Between the Lines». Beyond the wordplay, the installation invites the visitor to think about how common things (here some fishing rods) could provide totally different meanings.