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History :

PITAYA is a creative studio founded by David Lesort and Arnaud Giroud. After a technical training cursus, respectively in metalworking and woodworking, the duo met during their industrial design’s study. They quickly abandon the maybe "too rigid" technical side of their initial training for a more artistic and empathetic vision, by using Light Medium.

In 2006, The studio created thirty huge original light chandeliers and installed them above the streets during the Festival of Lights in Lyon.

It was the first time they designed an urban scale object, using very basic light.

Since this first experience, PITAYA has created each year new projects, learning and evolving with the technologies.

Creative process :

The studio favors its production as an author approach, based on research and experimentation. This is in this laboratory step that the studio turn its concepts into finalized objects. This ongoing exchange between technics and artistic allows PITAYA to apprehend a project from different perspectives.

A project can start from a concept, but also a more tangible desire to use a certain type of material or by using a specific manufacturing process.

The Light :

Light is the main theme of their productions and the duo explore multiple creations, between light object, luminaire, lighting sculptures and art installation. They usually apprehend lhe light as a versatile material that reveals and shapes the forms of their objects.

Their creations are changing the space in which they are installed, bringing to the observer new perceptions and new experiences. As an extension of their thinking around the light in public spaces, PITAYA develops today its own luminaires.

For indoor or outdoor use, these lamps are edited in small series or unique ojects.

Manufacturing in France :

Since its beginning, PITAYA cares for a human scale design, where crafts and creation cohabit intelligently. Relying on a network of local partners, the creations of the studio are all manufactured in France by skilled craftmens and companies who can get involve in every project that the two designers imagine.

Their creations are world famous and were exhibits/commisiioned in Paris, Tokyo, London, Dubai, Moscow, Shanghai, Genova, or Singapore.