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Kinetic and Light Sculpture

Dots of Light move in the air and progressively concentrate to materialize the volume of a massive silouhetta of a stylised sea creature.

The installation is a 18m long kinetic and lighting sculpture that evolves above the public.

General shape recalls big marine mammals, or fossil skeletons as they are usually seen in natural history museums.

The glowing dynamic light is also a reference to these strange lighting creatures sighted at the very deep of the oceans.

The installation invites the audience to spend a moment to think about the impact of mankind on our biodiversity.

How it can affect multiple species and how, if nothing change, it could lead us to their disparition and by extension, to our extinction.

In « Whale Ghost » the audience is therefore witnessing the poetic dance of what could be the Ghost of the last remaining Whale.

The fluidity of the movement paired with the poetic complexity of the light animations, seem to bring life to this huge Leviathan.

A music creation will increase the hypnotic atmosphere as the sculpture evolves in different scenarios, at different paces.