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Colored shadows generated with robots

BOT is a dynamic light art piece where the circular area of the installation is becoming an ever-changing painting of moving colored shadows.

3 robots with white LED spots mounted on the sides are evolving through the installation. They follow their own path, circulating between a landscape of dichroic filters.

As the robots move and turn, so does their light sources and therefore the colored shadows that are casted through the filters. The art piece become a dynamic evolving floor painting, creating a lot of colored moving patterns in a quasi-hypnotic experience, like watching the flames of a bonfire.

The material property of the dichroic volumes is to diffract the white light into a lot of colored projections depending of the angle of the light source incidence. This dichroic material also has reflective properties which make the colored rays of light “rebounding” from surfaces to surfaces in complex designs.

The robots are programmed to randomly drive through all the circular space, slaloming gently between the volumes of the "landscape", avoiding collisions.

Each performance is different depending of the path the robots will choose to go.